Wednesday, July 12, 2006

McBain, Ed. The gutter and the grave. New York: Hard Case, 2005. 217pp.

Another dynamite reprint from Hard Case, this one a classic Ed McBain from 1958. The Gutter and the Grave is a story about a man, Matt Cordell, done wrong by a cheatin' woman who gets another chance to be a real man and help a friend solve a petty crime. Well, the friend ends up accused of murdering his business partner, so Matt ends trying to clear his friend. Lots of gorgeous dames and tough talking ensue, a couple of surprises at the end and Cordell gets his chance to rise up from the gutter and ends up...well, read the novel to find out what happens to him.

They don't get any more hard boiled than this. At 217 pages, another short sharp shock from the fine folks at Hard Case. Next!

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