Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Dick, Philip K. Divine Invasion. New York: Pocket, 7/82. 223pp.

This is by far the most confusing and scrambled of any Dick work I have ever read, and anyone who has read any amount of his work will know that's saying a lot. Of course, it continues the philosophical obsessions of the previous volume of the Valis trilogy (and most of the latter part of Dick's oeuvre), ie the nature of God, the uncertainty of identity and the screwed up human condition. Although it gets a little better in the second half, Dick's ruminations in this one are no where near as entertaining, interesting or funny as they were in VALIS. I wish I could describe the plot in some form of coherent manner, but that may be impossible. Skip this one, but please do try The Man in the High Castle, VALIS, Martian Time-Slip or any short story collection. When I get around to reading The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, the third in the informal trilogy, I let you know what it's like.


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