Sunday, May 25, 2003

Simmons, Dan. Hyperion. New York: Bantam, 3/1990. 482pp.
Simmons, Dan. Fall of Hyperion. New York: Bantam, 3/1991. 517pp.

I'm not sure how to write a capsule review of these two landmark works of 1980's SF so I won't really try. The first book tells the story of seven travelers and their journey to the planet Hyperion. Each in turn tells their story and the circumstances that lead them to undertake the trip for on Hyperion they hope to encounter the mysterious being, The Shrike, hoping that it will grant them what they wish. The second volume, and by far the most interesting and exciting, tells the story of just how awful and wonderful (especially awful, remember: Simmons is also well known for his horror) it is to be so close and yet so far from what you really need. As the Time Tombs open, all the travelers are tested…


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