Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hauer, Rutger and Patrick Quinlan. All those moments: Stories of heroes, villains, replicants, and blade runners. New York: Harper, 2008.

Actor autobiographies are one of those things you need to pick very carefully. I haven't read too many of them over the years, but the ones I have I've been quite pleased with -- Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Peter Cushing. Ok, William Shatner not so much.

Which brings us to Rutger Hauer.

Made famous by his role as the replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner, he's also appeared in a bunch of B movies, tv movies and a host of other things. Most recently, he's appeared in Batman Begins.

Most importantly, he's always seemed to be more thoughtful and intelligent than the average Hollywood actor. And he definitely confirms this is his very interesting and engaging memoirs. From his childhood in post-war Holland (yes, he's Dutch rather that German as I always assumed) through all his most notable roles, Hauer takes us along for the ride in a very interesting career. Concentrating on his early years more than the post-Blade Runner era, we see him struggling to find his way. One thing I liked was that no matter how lame the project seemed, he always seemed to give it his all.

A good, solid memoir of an important genre actor.

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Blogger Kim O said...

Your blog popped up on one of my alerts due to your name...but I found it interesting that you were talking about Rutger Hauer and mentioned his 'B' movies. In one of those (Bleeders / Hemoglobin) he played opposite an incredibly talented actor from Quebec named Roy Dupuis (the reason your blog popped up on my alert). Someone you might want to check out...if you are really interested in talent and someone true to their craft.

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