Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Dozois, Gardner and Stanley Schmidt. Roads Not Taken. New York: Del Rey, 7/98. 322pp.

This is a solid collection of alternate history stories, all taken from well known science fiction magazines Asimov's or Analog. Briefly, some of the best stories are by Michael F. Flynn, Robert Silverberg, L. Sprague de Camp, Gregory Benford and the ubiqoutously alternate Harry Turtledove. Michael Flynn is a great new writer and "Forests of Time" from 1987 shows him at his best. His tales combine a libertarian outlook, a strong hard sf bent and close attention to the emotional lives of his characters. This example of a scientist lost on one twig in a forest of alternate realities is a brilliantly done example of economic alternate history: what if the politcal map of the world had developed without any large countries?


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