Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slaughter, Karin. Blindsighted. New York: HarperTorch, 2002. 389pp.
Slaughter, Karin. Beyond reach. New York: Dell, 2008. 573pp

I don't have too much to say about the two books at hand, both by the aptly-named Karin Slaughter. Blindsighted is a fairly typical serial killer novel while Beyond Reach is a fairly typical crime thriller. Although they don't necessarily have high body counts, the violence and mayhem is intense and brutal, earning the author both her name and her crime writer stripes.

Both are well-written and exciting, with a common cast of characters which Slaughter carries from book to book in a couple of vaguely overlapping series. The plots are clever, the pace is breakneck, the characters well drawn, the action at times shocking and surprising. I've read three of her books (Triptych last summer) and I think I'll be reading a whole lot more.

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