Friday, May 13, 2005

The Merril Collection Annual Pulp Show

I was at the 9th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show and Sale down at the Merril Collection here in Toronto. As usual, it was a great dealer's room event and I did definately pick up a couple of nice items. I'm not actually that much into collecting high-priced collectables at this point in my life, but it's always fun to see what I could get if I wanted.

  • Somewhere east of life by Brian Aldiss
  • Tarzan forever by John Taliaferrro
  • Mischief by Douglas Clegg
  • Spirit by Graham Masterton
  • Succubi by Edward Lee
  • Curfew by Phil Rickman

The Aldiss is a book that came about 10 years ago. The premise of recovering lost memories combined with the good reception at the time sort of put this book on the "to get" list. However, I think it's rather obscure in North America and this is the first time I've ever seen it. The Taliaferro is one of the very few recent books on Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was definately an interesting figure in the history of the fantastic and I look forward to reading the book. The last four items are recent commercial horror titles, all by well regarded authors in the field who I've never read a novel by. Trashorama.


Blogger Lindsay said...

OMG I think I saw you there!

I actually own the E. Lee - it has been greatly abused by some of the people I have loaned it to.

2:37 PM  

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