Monday, March 05, 2007

What I read: 1986

What do you care what I read in 1986? Nothing, of course, but I do. As I get older (I was 20 in 1983 when I started keeping track of the books I read) I find myself more and more in the position of looking at a stack of books on my shelves by, say, Cornell Woolrich and they all have the word "Black" in the title. I know I've read a couple but I can't remember which ones. Fortunately, I've been maintaining a little list in a little brown book since April 1983 of all the books I've read (or at least attempted). By putting this list here it will be searchable. I may ultimately put at least some of it in something like LibraryThing, but for now I'll be putting it here. The advantage is that the blog is quick and dirty, without a lot of effort per entry. The books are in the order I read them.

By way of adding some value to the list, I'll italicize any work that I remember as being particularly wonderful

  1. Dark forces edited by Kirby McCauley
  2. King Kobold revived by Christopher Stasheff
  3. Bethune by Roderick Stewart
  4. Camp concentration by Thomas M. Disch
  5. Stalking the nightmare by Harlan Ellison
  6. The best of Fredric Brown by Fredric Brown
  7. Pawn of prophesy by David Eddings
  8. The humanoid touch by Jack Williamson
  9. The fog by James Herbert
  10. Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad
  11. Bio of a space tyrant 2: Mercenary
  12. Queen of sorcery by David Eddings
  13. Magicians gambit by David Eddings
  14. Castle of wizardry by David Eddings
  15. And on the eighth day by Ellery Queen (Avram Davidson)
  16. Enchanter`s endgame by David Eddings
  17. The best of Frederik Pohl by Frederik Pohl
  18. The Holmes-Dracula file by Fred Saberhagen
  19. Miracle visitors by Ian Watson
  20. New maps of hell by Kingsley Amis
  21. The science fiction novel edited by Basil Davenport
  22. The house next door by Anne Rivers Siddons
  23. The glass teat by Harlan Ellison
  24. The long tomorrow by Leigh Brackett
  25. Star songs of an old primate by James Tiptree, jr.
  26. Pilgramage by Zenna Henderson
  27. Growing up by Russell Baker
  28. The big sleep by Raymond Chandler
  29. 2010: Odyssey two by Arthur C. Clarke
  30. Silverlock by John Myers Myers
  31. The other glass teat by Harlan Ellison
  32. Child of fortune by Norman Spinrad
  33. Merchant's war by Frederik Pohl
  34. A Catskill eagle by Robert B. Parker
  35. The last days of the edge of the world by Brain Stableford
  36. I, vampire by Jody Scott
  37. The best of C.L. Moore C.L. Moore
  38. Sinister barrier by Eric Frank Russell
  39. Heroes in hell edited by Janet Morris
  40. The history of the runestaff by Michael Moorcock
  41. The year's best fantasy stories: 11 by Arthur W. Saha
  42. Enterprise: The first adventure by Vonda N. McIntyre
  43. Startide rising by David Brin
  44. A touch of strange by Theodore Sturgeon
  45. Foundation's edge by Isaac Asimov
  46. Driftglass by Samuel R. Delany
  47. Bio of a space tyrant 3: Politician by Piers Anthony
  48. Empire of the sun by J.G. Ballard
  49. Masters of Darkness edited by Dennis Etchisson



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