Thursday, March 22, 2007

What I read: 1989

What do you care what I read in 1989? Nothing, of course, but I do. As I get older (I was 20 in 1983 when I started keeping track of the books I read) I find myself more and more in the position of looking at a stack of books on my shelves by, say, Cornell Woolrich and they all have the word "Black" in the title. I know I've read a couple but I can't remember which ones. Fortunately, I've been maintaining a little list in a little brown book since April 1983 of all the books I've read (or at least attempted). By putting this list here it will be searchable. I may ultimately put at least some of it in something like LibraryThing, but for now I'll be putting it here. The advantage is that the blog is quick and dirty, without a lot of effort per entry. The books are in the order I read them.

By way of adding some value to the list, I'll italicize any work that I remember as being particularly wonderful

  1. Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency by Douglas Adams
  2. The leper of St. Giles by Ellis Peters
  3. Other Americas by Normal Spinrad
  4. Cabal by Clive Barker
  5. Knight life by Peter David
  6. 2061: Odyssey three by Arthur C. Clarke
  7. The green train by Herbert Lieberman
  8. One-L by Scott Turow
  9. Survivors by Jean Lorrah
  10. In the ocean of night by Gregory Benford
  11. The hunting season by John Coyne
  12. Mindkiller by Spider Robinson
  13. The king of the Murgos by David Eddings
  14. I'll cry when I kill you by Peter Israel
  15. XPD by Len Deighton
  16. Spock must die! by James Blish
  17. The jagged orbit by John Brunner
  18. Crimson joy by Robert B. Parker
  19. Memory prime by Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens
  20. Pet sematary by Stephen King
  21. This is the way the world ends by James Morrow
  22. Hot blood edited by Jeff Gelb and Lonn Friend
  23. Seventh son by Orson Scott Card
  24. The gold coast by Kim Stanley Robinson
  25. Ghoul by Michael Slade
  26. Replay by Ken Grimwood
  27. The hormone jungle by Robert Reed
  28. The hunt for red october by Tom Clancy
  29. Prime evil edited by Douglas E. Winter
  30. Angry candy by Harlan Ellison
  31. Bill, the galactic hero by Harry Harrison
  32. Unicorn mountain by Michael Bishop
  33. Spock's world by Diane Duane
  34. The eyes of the dragon by Stephen King
  35. The colour out of time by Michael Shea
  36. The suiting by Kelley Wilde
  37. Bare bones edited by Tim Underwood & Chuck Miller
  38. The Barsoom project by Larry Niven and Stephen Barnes
  39. Greenmantle by John Buchan
  40. Rogue male by Geoffrey Household
  41. Fade by Robert Cormier
  42. An edge in my voice by Harlan Ellison
  43. Journey into fear by Eric Ambler
  44. The spy who came in from the cold by John Le Carre
  45. What might have been: I edited by Gregory Benford and Martin H. Greenberg
  46. Howling mad by Peter David
  47. Myth inc link by Robert Asprin
  48. Adversary by Daniel Rhodes
  49. The year's best horror: 11 edited by Karl Edward Wagner
  50. Mort by Terry Pratchett
  51. Obsession by Ramsey Campbell
  52. The motion of light in water by Samuel R. Delany
  53. Lullaby by Ed McBain
  54. The Kobayashi Maru by Julia Eckler



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